is an experimental art project exploring collaboration via the fusion of generative and human produced digital art and the creation of collaborative NFTs. Sign up to join our initial beta in early 2022 here.

Our project aims are to explore:

  1. Creating native digital art with fractional producers/artists – as NFTs. We’re championing collectives of artists versus the Renaissance model of the individual artist/hero role that has always been shaped by institutions and elites, and that we continue to live with today. We think of our project as a self-directed crypto-medieval guild – capable of creating anything from digital tableaus, to textures, to digital objects and environments.

  2. The collaboration between humans and algorithms using a process inspired by the 100-year old Surrealist game called exquisite corpse – and as elaborated on – but with added generative elements.

    To us, technology is another tool just like our paints, pencils, and clay. We’re interested in transforming the materials we work with to create something special and magical through a process of experimentation and iteration and to explore and question the essential properties of digital art.
1_4 (rotation). Our first collaborative object by elee (2), Mohs, & SolarSpelunker

Fractional producers

We believe that collaborative art when harnessed in interesting ways can unlock creativity and democratize the art world by empowering artists to reach far greater audiences through a system mutual artistic support and exploration.

We have developed a collaboration process using a 100-year old Surrealist art game called Exquisite Corpse – as the launching point. The surrealists championed a process called ‘automatism’- what could be called a generative algorithm of the unconscious. Exquisite corpse formed the genesis of and will be further developed in through the incorporation of generative elements in the collaboration process.

The medium matters

Crypto art represents a unique development in the history of art, combining art,  technology, commerce, and philosophy. We are interested in exploring the fusion of blockchain technology, AI and ML, collaborative production, artistic idea, and form.

Essentially we’re a group of artists and technologists that want to make something unique and intrinsic to the technology that benefits the arts beyond commerce.

As part of this exploration we aim to produce a limited series of collaborative NFTs.

Follow us on Twitter or join our Discord to keep up to date and join the discussion. We will also be posting updates on this website.
This project is generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Strategy Fund.